Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Second Time Around

So last week we found out that I am pregnant again. Am I happy? Well, I don't know and that scares me. I mean of course I'm happy that we will have another child, but everything that comes with it, well, actually I'm terrified! Am I ready to be sick again? and when I do get sick am I going to be able to handle taking care of Colin too? Is Colin too young for me to have another baby since he's still a baby himself? Are we going to be able to afford it financially? Am I a strong enough Mom to be able to handle TWO babies? thought

after thought is running through my head. But then I take a deep breath and think about Colin and how I never imagined my life to be this wonderful. I have the most supportive loving husband I could ever ask for. I have a amazing extended family that is willing to help in a heartbeat, but most of all, I have God in my heart. He will get me and us through this! So, I'm just going to relax and let him take over and enjoy this little miracle that's happening inside me at this very moment. xoxo

Monday, February 14, 2011

Steven & Lauren Maternity Session

So, I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but I do LOVE to take photographs.  Even more so, I love to take photographs of things that I love and one of them is bellies.  A couple months ago, while working at McDuff's I met the cutest couple.  They were having a baby!  When pregnant woman come into my work I feel as if I have an instant connection to them after having Colin.  I think I act like we're best friends and I'm sure most of these girls think I'm totally nuts.  Well, in one of our conversations I mentioned that I loved to photograph and asked if they would let me take some shots of them while Lauren was pregnant...they agreed. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New, well new to me camera

So, a family member just got a new dslr camera for Christmas and decided it was time to get rid of her old 35mm.  She decided to give it to me!!! yaaaay me!!! I got to use it today and it was so much fun.  It's kind of along the same lines of not finding out what the sex is of your baby and when they come out, you're like, "wow, not what I expected, but VERY cool!"  So, needless to say I've got lots of learning to do, but here are a couple photo's I snapped today at our local State Park.  Yes, you heard me right, Calimesa has a State Park!!!  Enjoy

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Me and My Sister

I know some sisters who only see each other on Mother's Day and some who will never speak again.  But most are like my sister and me... linked by volatile love, best friends who make other best friends ever so slightly less best.  ~Patricia Volk

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is so hilarious I had to share this post from

It may just be that perfect Valentines gift for the man in your life!!!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Post

I must's hard being a Mom. I don't know if there is any other time in your life where you feel so back and forth. One minute I want to kiss that little Angel over and over again and never let him go, the next I feel like I'm going to go insane because I can't figure out what he is throwing a temper tantrum about, the next I feel like I could just stare at those beautiful blue eyes and never do anything else, the next I wonder how I got so lucky. Then, it's wondering if I'm telling him "no" too much and when I'm gonna get my first "no" from him and how I will handle it...and it goes on and on, I guess I'll never know all the right answers. All I know is that I love that little man with every inch of my being but feel so blessed to have a husband that comes home and knows I need a break <3